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By Adrian Barnes On on Thursday Aug 20 2009

If you are a young teen (12-15) or the parent of such a creature, disregard the rest of this review and drive (or, for God's sake, get driven) to Castlegar to see District 9 immediately. Not after dinner—now! Never have I taken my sons to a film that engendered such a strong 'right on' response in them as this one did: both rank it among their top movies of all time. (if you're...

By Adrian Barnes On on Thursday Aug 06 2009

In late summer, Rossland floats off into the shimmering ether. The streets are full of vacationers, but it feels like no one you know is in town. Not a lot going on and the days seem to pass in either a heat stroke daze or forest fire-stoked haze. During such a season I'll go anywhere there's air conditioning.

At least that's the excuse I made to myself as we drove to Castlegar to see...

By Contributor On on Wednesday Jul 29 2009

In a time of political unrest and transformation, the Republic of Georgia continues to press forward, looking for innovative ways to turn their economy around. With the help of Canadian partners such as Selkirk College, Georgians are increasing community economic development through educational change.

Currently in Georgia, unemployment is particularly rampant in the rural communities....

By Adrian Barnes On on Tuesday Jul 28 2009

 If you're looking for something to do this Thursday evening (July 30), you might consider heading on over to the Rossland museum, where the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture will be presenting an outdoor, all ages concert on the museum lawn. The concert will feature Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few.

The evening will consist of a barbeque starting at 6:00 PM and the concert,...

By Rossland Telegraph On on Thursday Jul 16 2009

Castlegar now boasts a new and innovative business, as The Castlegar Source has launched its first issue this past Wednesday.

The Source is Castlegar's first totally online newspaper, following a media trend being seen across the continent as paper costs rise and many traditional newspapers struggle in an inhospitable economic climate.

“It's a more sustainable choice, both...

By Contributor On on Thursday Jul 02 2009

By Kallee Lins

As the sun sets on the 142nd birthday our country, the curtain rises on the 23rd season of the Rossland Gold Fever Follies. What is it that keeps locals and non-locals alike spending their summer performing about 80 shows while sweltering in layer upon layer of cancan skirt ruffles? As a cast member myself this year, I believe the appeal...

By Contributor On on Monday Jun 15 2009

Company Jump, a musical tribute showcasing the 1940s swing-music styles of the Andrews sisters (Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy, Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree, etc.), is delighted to be back to the area and touring the East Kootenays for the first time. 

A hop, skip and a jump down memory lane, Company Jump brings the swinging sounds and on stage antics of the Andrews Sisters to life....

By Andrew Zwicker On on Thursday Jun 04 2009

How often have we seen great rock stars come to an untimely demise and wished we could have heard just a few more new songs from them? We’ve all discussed, blogged about, or just sat back in a natural hot spring staring into the stars, dancing to the tune of whatever Kootenay alchemic concoction was conducting your mental orchestra, and talked about the great 'what ifs' of rock music.