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A New Fund for the LeRoi Foundation

Colleen Sanders of the LeRoi Community Foundation receives a cheque from Donal Park, President of St. Michael's Catholic Public School Foundation.

The Le Roi Community Foundation (LCF) is pleased to announce the establishment of the St. Michael’s Catholic Public School Foundation Fund, with a cheque for $35,000.  The fund will support the programs and services of the St. Michael’s Catholic Public School Foundation (SMCPSF), which include promoting Catholic education at St. Michael's and providing scholarships to graduates of J.L. Crowe who had previously attended St. Michael's.

The addition of this fund brings LCF total endowments to approximately $840,000.  Earnings from LCF endowed funds are returned to local charitable organizations for projects that benefit the communities of the Lower Columbia Region.

For information on how to donate to a fund or on how to leave a legacy in the community, please visit the LCF website at