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by Murray Dobbin on Wednesday Jan 15 2014

The Senate scandal that will continue to plague Stephen Harper when the House resumes sitting is far more than just a run of the mill scandal, of which Canada has had many over the years.

by Sara AM Golling on Monday Jan 13 2014

PM Stephen Harper's inclination towards Christian Zionism and right-wing economic thinking marks him out as an important tool of the American neoconservatives, who have been powerful in shaping American foreign policy for the last generation.

by Contributor on Monday Dec 23 2013

Dear Editor,

by Adrian Barnes on Sunday Dec 22 2013

I don't know. I sat down to write a Christmas piece and this came out instead. Well, it's a sort of Christmas story...

by Contributor on Friday Dec 06 2013

Ed. Note: The following is an opinion piece provided by The IBEW Union.

Unless a Grinch’s heart grows, this story of 225 locked out electrical workers won’t have a very merry ending. The latest round of negotiations between FortisBC and its electrical workers have failed; all but ensuring 225 workers will be locked out for the holiday season.

by Allyson Kenning on Monday Dec 02 2013

Oh, who doesn’t love a good political scandal? Even though I don’t watch the news anymore, I am enjoying the sideshow that is the Robert Ford debacle in Toronto, and the international attention it’s been getting. And the current federal Conservative senator scandal is pretty juicy, too, I have to admit.

by Randy Janzen on Friday Sep 20 2013

No one wants war.  Likely, most people are relieved that imminent threats of US military interventions against Syria have been postponed.  However, what remains is the question of what to do about the humanitarian crisis which has left over 100,000 people dead and more than one million people seeking refuge in neighboring countries.  How should the world respond?

by Yves Engler on Friday Aug 30 2013

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s recent mission to Latin America cannot mask Canada’s unprecedented diplomatic isolation in the hemisphere. Despite shifting ‘aid’ to the region and claiming to have made Latin America a priority, Ottawa is increasingly offside with a region breaking free from centuries of Western imperialism.

by Arlen MacLaine on Thursday Aug 29 2013

Just across the border, in the sleepy town of Northport WA, lies a place like no other.  It can provide you an escape from the everyday, and has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that seems to have been lost as the years have progressed.

by Sean Mackinlay on Monday Aug 26 2013

Letter to the Editor:

This week is Gay Pride Week in the Kootenays. This is a celebration of love and understanding to millions of people worldwide and, in many cases, the acknowledgment of equal rights for LGBT couples. I am afraid to say that I
have been remiss in my duties as a councillor as I did not bring up the topic