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by Katrine Conroy on Sunday Jun 16 2013

This week I travelled to Victoria to be sworn in as MLA and I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to the people of Kootenay West for my re-election. I am honored and I will do my very best to represent all constituents and take the concerns of this area to Victoria and the Legislature.

by Michael Jessen on Thursday Jun 13 2013

By Michael Jessen

“The sun is the most important thing in everybody's life, whether you're a plant, an animal or a fish, and we take it for granted.”– Danny Boyle

What’s all the fuss about the Sun?

by Arlen MacLaine on Thursday Jun 13 2013

I'm confident that everyone reading this has heard at least one of the many rumours surrounding the proposed 'new' chairlift going up Grey Mountain.  With an official announcement from Howard Katkov postponed until further notice, the rumour mill seems to have found another gear.  Everyone I've talked to has heard something different, and it is easy to understand the reasons why.  The Grey Moun

by Charles Jeanes on Tuesday Jun 11 2013

“There is necessity and order, immune to my idea of what should be – or what ought to be if only humans were better.”  - Charles Jeanes, in my last column.

by Ken Holmes on Monday Jun 03 2013

Dear editor,

It has recently been stated in a local news publication that “Rossland held the notorious tag as the fattest energy town in BC last year”. This deserves comment and correction.

by Charles Jeanes on Monday Jun 03 2013


“Dear optimist, pessimist and realist – while you argued, I drank the water.”

---- signed, the Opportunist

by Barry Brandow on Saturday Jun 01 2013

One of the major reasons cougar sightings have increased recently is the dramatic decline in the province’s deer population, their traditional prey.

by Andre Carrel on Friday May 24 2013

The question of whether to abolish or to elect the Senate tends to flare up in the wake of a crass partisan appointment or a flagrant abuse of privilege. That question, however, should not be allowed to negate the question of the Senate’s purpose.

by Murray Dobbin on Friday May 24 2013

The NDP’s stunning loss in B.C. is being deconstructed, dissected, analyzed and mourned over not only here but across the country. Every pundit and political junkie, including me, thought the NDP would win, even after their lead suddenly dropped. But unfortunately, most of the analysis won’t be very helpful for those individuals and organizations hoping and fighting for a better country.

by Joseph Hughes on Thursday May 23 2013

Dear Editor;

To the free citizens of Kootenay West, I owe you thanks. From family and friends to the thousands who made their voice clear on the election ballot,
thank you. I chose to step forward to represent you and the support I received was amazing. The calls, e-mails and talks on the street were so