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by Dr. Brenda Gill on Monday Aug 31 2009

If you want to lose weight, your body has to lose fatty reserves. It helps a great deal if you exercise, because exercise requires extra energy, which uses up blood sugar. After a meal, by doing some moderate activity, the blood sugar will not be stored as fat. Once the blood sugar has decreased to its normal level, the energy you expend through further exercise comes from fat reserves you...

by Dr. Brenda Gill on Tuesday Aug 18 2009

Fats and proteins don't create blood sugar, whereas carbohydrates do.

They vary widely depending on their sugar content and speed of absorption. The higher the sugar content, such as refined desserts and tropical fruits compared to moderate climate fruits such as apples and strawberries the higher the blood sugar formed. The more refined, starch based foods and sugars get digested and...

by Dr. Brenda Gill on Tuesday Aug 04 2009

Food consists of 5 basic ingredients which build, run and energize our body. Three of these have calories: protein that builds our cells, carbohydrates that create energy and reserves and fats that create reserves for future needs. The other two are fibre that help the body digest the nutrients and water that aids digestion and maintains cells.
Our body doesn't burn its energy...