COMMENT: Time of use billing has always been the plan for Smart Meters

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October 14th, 2011

A confidential report on BC Hydro Smart Meter Business Case by Horizon Technologies Inc. states that “BC Hydro will maintain the same rate structures when Smart Meters are first put in, and implement new rate structures afterwards; so that Smart Meters aren’t blamed for higher rates.”

Read the full confidential report here.

Rich Coleman confirms his version of this plan in correspondence dated September 27, 2011 in which he states: “Once all meters installed…..customers voluntarily opt in for time of use rate program…..”

Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields as a Weapon

Unclassified 1998 US Military information on the biological effects of low level radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation used for “Non-Lethal” weapons.

“The study of electromagnetic fields and their influence on biological systems is increasing rapidly. Much of this work is taking place because of health concerns…”

“It is estimated that 100% of the population would be susceptible…..”

Read the full unclassified US Military report here.

A Stirring Message from Victoria Councillor

Now here’s a councillor who can tell it straight and true: watch the story of the moratorium vote at the Union of BC Municipalities and the stirring message to everyone fighting Smart Meters at the end (attached to this story).


1. Post your No Trespassing Sign to Corix – find it here
2. E-mail your letter to BC Hydro and send copies as noted – find it here
3. Help your neighbours do the same – find it here
4. Sign the Petition online which will be presented in the Legislature – find it here
5. Organize a community meeting and contact us for a speaker if required.
6. Check the calendar for events, and send us your community event for posting.

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