REVIEW: Footloose

Hannah Palomera
By Hannah Palomera
March 11th, 2014

Footloose the musical graced the stage of Grand Forks Secondary School on March 7th, 8th, and 9th.

The main character of the play is a boy named Ren McCormack (played by Aaron Baker), whom I have known for a long time and had no idea he could sing so well.

The nice thing about the play was the set. The set was simple and creative. The set changes were very fast so the audience did not have to wait long. The singing and dancing was amazing, well rehearsed, and choreographed. Most of the characters were played as if they were the real thing.

One of the things that I did not like about the play was most of the speech was hard to hear and understand due to the microphone muffling. The rest of the play was nice and easy to follow.

The audience seemed to laugh every time the character Willard Hewitt (played by Curtis Logan) stepped on to the stage. He was funny, clumsy and the only guy I have ever seen do the splits in jeans!

I also enjoyed the vocals of Kyra Hogan, Dean Engen, April Greenwood-Starchuk and Mayanne Houghton-Gargul. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun on the stage especially Jen Gargul.

The band was really talented and the music director Lorraine Barg also played piano, Dwight Garfield was on guitar and Timothy Palek was on drums.

Footloose is a story about a boy who moves to the town of Beaumont with his mother. He loves to dance but then discovers that it is against the law. He and his new friends try to change the law by fighting against a heartbroken priest to dance again and be free.

This play was put on by The Boundary Musical and The Theatre Society. The original movie was released February 17, 1984. The story was written by Dean Pitchford and almost all of the music for the movie was done by Tom Snow.

Footloose is a timeless classic and enjoyed by everyone no matter how young or old. This was my first introduction to Footloose and I enjoyed it very much and I can see what all the hype is about. I look forward to going to more productions put on by the Boundary Musical and the Theatre Society and I have been inspired to maybe auditioning and become involved in the future.

Hannah is a Grade 6 student at Dr. Perley Elementary School. 


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