Dam City Rollers face off against Rossland/Trail today after big win against Nelson last weekend

Tayla Scott
By Tayla Scott
June 7th, 2014

Dam City Rollers continue their undefeated season with a win against the Killjoys after a May 31 bout.

Dam City Rollers (Castlegar team) scored 358 against the Killjoys (Nelson team), who scored 276 during the game in the Trail arena.

“We expected that it was going to be a challenge,” said Dam City Rollers team captain Kitty Karnage. “We felt confident as a team that we were definite contenders to take the game.”

“This season has been different for our team. We have never been undefeated before in the regular season. Not just at home but also in an away game. We went to Calgary and we were victorious there as well,” said Karnage.

“I think that a real advantage for us this year is that we have a full second year roster. So all the girls playing together all played together last year. We built on what we did last year and we tightened up our game quite a bit,” said Karnage.

“Our blockers really managed to hold the opposing jammer back. Most times right from the start, giving our jammer, the lead jammer, advantage,” said Karnage.

“We managed to get lead jammer quite a few times.”

The semi-finals will take place at Selkirk College in Castlegar on June 7. The Dam City Rollers, currently in first place, will compete against the Rossland Trail Roller Girls, who are in fourth place.

The Killjoys, who are in second place, will compete against Valley Brutality, who are in third place.

“Then we will go to the finals in Nelson,” said Karnage.

The finals will take place on June 28 in the Nelson arena.

“We’re always interested in picking up new girls, so if there’s any interested ladies out there, regardless of age or ability, we will train you and there’s a space for everybody in the organization,” said Karnage.

The only age restriction is that players must be 19 or older.

The derby girls will get a summer break after the finals and start practising again late in the fall.

“We hope to get new faces,” said Karnage.

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