New metric shows Lower Columbia to be thriving

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August 22nd, 2014

The Lower Columbia Region is thriving! The most recent economic statistic in a series of published metrics highlighting our thriving economy is the number of non Canadian visitors entering the Lower Columbia region via our local, Paterson and Waneta, borders. From January through May 2014, a whopping 11,800 non Canadian visitors passed through the borders into the Lower Columbia region. These visitors spend time and resources in our communities; imagine where the stats will be after the summer!

Terry Van Horn, Economic Development Coordinator for the Lower Columbia Initiative remarked, “We are receiving fantastic feedback regarding the Thriving Communities metrics and a ton of positive support. People are genuinely excited to share this information with their colleagues, friends, family and out of town visitors. We are happy to see our citizens turning into local ambassadors and sharing the Thriving Communities metrics through their company newsletters, websites and social media outlets.”

To download the Thriving Communities metric or access the html code to upload it to your website, go to http://www.lcic.ca/site-metrics-widget/. Like the LCIC on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to watch for the changing Thriving Communities news showcasing our dynamic region!

This article is a press release from the LCIC.

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