Mayoral candidate Ian Mcleod, in his own words

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November 15th, 2014

I will only do my best for the whole community if elected to Mayor. I will be there to work for everyone in the City, young and old, I will not be there to be friends, I will be there to try and help the City return to its former self.

I will be looking to bring in new business for employment, to enhance the downtown areas.

I would like to see a new council who will actually run the City, I feel elected persons, not staff, should be the people running the City affairs. Our people elect persons they want to run the City and feel this is a must.

We need to get more input of youth as they will be the ones we leave in charge. We need to get them involved in a more productive way. I also want to start on the skateboard park as soon as possible, this has been promised and gone far too long with no action.

Taxes and bylaws can use some investigation and changes as well; this we will have to work on over the course of the term. We will have to look at all costs involved.

Again, I will only promise to do my best for all persons of the City. I will not make promises that cannot be filled. I want to see an open and honest Council.

I would also like to see a day during the week that people could come in and discuss items with a member of council.

Thanks, Ian

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