Trustee candidate Terry Hanik offers resume and platform

By Contributor
November 14th, 2014

“ Help Me Help Our Children”

Born & raised in Trail      Graduated from J.L.Crowe      Retired

            Married with 3 Children & 6 Grandchildren

President of The Trail Wildlife Association

Warden for Fort Shepherd Conservancy and Teck Land

I’ve coached and was manager for Local Baseball Teams

I’ve coached and was manager for Minor & Junior Hockey Teams

While at Teck I was a Supervisor,Trainer and Process Operator

Previously Local 480 Shop Steward

Organized Golf for Cancer

1.)I believe dialogue has to be promoted and improved between Teachers,Administration,Parents and Students.

2.)The Trustees need to get more involved. They have to go up to the school and go into classrooms and see what theTeachers have to deal with,on a daily basis.

3.)Our District has a population of approx. 25,000 and we have 9 Trustees.

Kelowna has a population 200,000 and has 7 Trustees.

“Do we need that many Trustees?”

4.)I would like to bring back the trades to our Secondary Schools like it use to be. The future is in our hands for our children.


             “ It’s Time for a Positive Change”


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