Trail city council responds to sale of Waneta Dam

City of Trail
By City of Trail
May 24th, 2017

In a Closed Meeting held on May 23, Trail City Council discussed the legal implications associated with the recently announced sale of the Waneta Dam by Teck Resources Limited to Fortis Inc.  Council also took the opportunity to review the City’s involvement when Teck sold one-third of its interest in the Dam to BC Hydro in 2009/10 and if the same issues are relevant today.

In response to the announced sale, Council has decided to retain legal counsel and other experts to explore the basis associated with the sale and the impacts this could have on the community. Council will be initially seeking information regarding the sale and will be requesting the City’s legal and other advisors (within reasonable legal means) to identify the options available to best address the matter to ensure the public interest is protected.

Council appreciates that many members of the community have expressed their concerns and understands that the City has an important role to play as the matter advances.  In this respect, Council also has an obligation to understand why Teck has decided to proceed in this way and what safeguards will be in place to protect the long-term sustainability of the greater region.  At this time, Council wants the public to be aware the City views this matter as a critical priority and has taken action to commence an internal review.

Once Council has had an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the issues associated with the sale and the implications this could have, both now and for the future, more information will be provided. Please direct any concerns or questions to Mayor Mike Martin at 250-364-0804 or mmartin@trail.ca