Trail businesses teaming up to help Grand Forks be built Ford tough

Trail Champion
By Trail Champion
May 18th, 2018

Help Grand Forks today!

Grand Forks is tired and needs help. They are filling sandbags at a rate of 15,000/day. They need help to fill 35,000 bags/day to avert further disaster.

More than 3,000 residents are out of homes, 200 homes destroyed.

Bring your tent and trailer to Grand Forks to stay over; volunteers bring shovels, hi-vis vest, hats, sunscreen and gloves.

Loblaws operating under the Nofrills and Extra Foods banners in the West Kootenay has donated:

·         Two Pallets of PC Powerade

·         Eight Pallets of Nestle Water

·         Three Cases of each of 5 sizes of Diapers

·         Four Pallets of Watermelon

·         One Pallet of Potato Chips

·         One Pallet of Paper Towel

·         One Pallet of Toilet Paper

·         10 Cases of Sunscreen

·         20 Cases of Cereal Bars.

Bring any perishables to the Grand Forks Arena.

Grand Forks also needs used shoes and boots, all sizes, for both children and adults.

This is an urgent call for help and collection of non-perishables to be dropped off at AM Ford or AM Ford Plus between 8 a..m. and 7 p.m..

So Fill-A-Ford convoys, each day, bring West Kootenay support to Grand Forks.

Please take some family or friends to Grand Forks for a day this week, show your support, pick up the phone – please call a family member to help Grand Forks for a day.

A call to local businesses: please help by providing a volunteer to assist for a four-hour shift in Grand Forks.

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