"Freedom convoy" to travel through Trail, Nelson, Castlegar, Fruitvale and Ymir Sunday

Trail Champion
By Trail Champion
February 5th, 2022

Trail and Greater District RCMP has received information that a truck convoy protesting against current vaccines mandates will be touring West Kootenay cities which will include driving through downtown Trail, BC, this Sunday, Feb. 6, according to Trail RCMP NCOIC Sgt. Mike Wicentowich. 

He said it will begin in Nelson around 10 a.m. and travel through Ymir, Salmo, Fruitvale, Trail, Castlegar, and Nelson. 

“Trail RCMP has reached out to (the) organizer to discuss the details of the protest and plan for appropriate police resourcing,” Wicentowich said. “This appears to be a continuation of last weekend’s protest, which saw 40 commercial trucks and 200 personal vehicles participate in the event in downtown Nelson.

“Trail RCMP asks the public be prepared for temporary traffic and noise disruptions.  Trail RCMP asks observers to remain on the sidewalks at a safe distance.  Trail RCMP will be on patrol for the event and enforcing the Criminal Code and BC MVA as required.  Any harassment or inappropriate (behaviour) will be dealt with accordance to the law.  Drivers in the convoy may be checked for valid drivers licenses and vehicle insurance, as well as sobriety.  Drivers in the convoy are asked to ensure that each passenger wears a seatbelt to prevent injury and deaths in case of a motor vehicle incident. 

“Trail RCMP asks protesters to refrain from trying to enter local business without wearing a mask to make a point.  This type of individual protest usually coincides with larger protests against vaccine mandates. 

“This has been attempted many times since the pandemic began and local business owners have to comply with mandates to keep in operation.”   

Wicentowich said Facebook posts for this group also indicate there will  be a BBQ in Castlegar and a dance at Nelson City Hall. 

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