Interior Health heat warning guidance

Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued heat warnings for multiple areas in the Interior Health region. The Province has not declared an extreme heat emergency for this region. With elevated temperatures, the risk of heat-related illness increases. The BC Centre for Disease Control provides a broad range of heat-related guidance on its website, including information on the […]

Government of BC: Prepare for heat

People throughout British Columbia are encouraged to be prepared for heat as many regions of the province will experience high temperatures beginning Friday, July 5, 2024. Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has forecast increasingly hot temperatures for many parts of the province this weekend, and the Province is reminding people to plan ahead to […]

Warmer temperatures prompt safety reminder from BC Coroners Service

With the arrival of summer and warmer temperatures, the BC Coroners Service (BCCS) is urging people to take extra care and plan ahead in the event of extreme-weather conditions. According to updated data from BCCS, there were 11 suspected heat-related deaths in 2023. All such deaths were reported between May and August, with more than […]

B.C. improves access to supports for youth, young adults experiencing psychosis

More young people who are experiencing early signs of psychosis are benefiting from expanded supports throughout the province. In 2021, the Province announced the expansion of the early psychosis intervention (EPI) program. B.C. now has more than 50 locations where people can get assessed and connected to care. The Province has funded the hiring of […]

More than 14,500 lives lost to toxic drugs, 8 years into public health crisis

Unregulated toxic drugs claimed the lives of 182 people in April 2024 according to preliminary data from the BC Coroners Service. While this represents a 24% decrease from the number of deaths in April 2023 (239), the risk posed by unregulated drug supply remains very high. April 2024 marks eight years since the public-health emergency […]

Province announces care advisor for people with complex mental-health, addiction challenges

The Province is taking action to improve care for a growing population with overlapping mental-health and addiction challenges and brain injuries from toxic-drug poisonings by appointing a chief scientific advisor to develop solutions to address their unique needs. Dr. Daniel Vigo will be B.C.’s chief scientific advisor for psychiatry, toxic drugs and concurrent disorders. Vigo […]

Tips, tricks on avoiding ticks and safe removal — Interior Health

Spring is here and the warmer weather means more people will be out hiking in tall grass or wooded areas. This can also mean an increased chance of getting tick bites. Ticks are small bugs that bite and feed on the blood of humans and animals and can sometimes transmit disease. Fortunately, there are precautions […]

MP Cannings: Dental and Pharmacare Town Hall announced

Starting May 1, almost 2 million seniors were eligible to make appointments and start accessing the new NDP Dental Care Plan. MP, Richard Cannings noted that “after 57 years fighting for dental care to be included in the Canada Health Care Act, the NDP Canada Dental Care Plan is finally here.” The local MP has […]

192 British Columbians lost to toxic drugs in March 2024

Data released by the BC Coroners Service shows toxic drugs claimed the lives of at least 192 people in March, and at least 572 lives in the first three months of 2024. The data reflects an 11% decrease in the number of lives lost when compared with March 2023 (215), when 6.9 people died each […]

ICBC, police asking drivers to travel at safe speeds as part of newest campaign

As the weather warms and more vulnerable road users are on our roads, ICBC and police are kicking off an education and enforcement campaign to encourage drivers to travel at safe speeds to prevent crashes and keep everyone on our roads safe. Research shows that the faster you drive, the more likely you are to […]