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Funding bonus benefits local arts and sports

stock image by April Walker via Unsplash

Community Gaming grants will benefit local organizations for the arts and sports, among many others in the province. 

Compared with sports, the arts get a slightly smaller overall allocation of funds, but those grants will be very welcome to those receiving them -- locally, the Rossland Council for Arts & Culture will receive $7,700; the Greater Trail Creative Activities Centre for the Visual Arts will get a boost of $9,500; and the Rossland Historical Museum and Archives Association will have an infusion of $35,000 to help achieve its goals.

The Castlegar Sculpturewalk Society will benefit from a grant of $18,000; the Kootenay Gallery of Arts, History and Science will have $15,000; and SQx Danza will be granted $104,000.

In sports, the Black Jack Cross-country Ski Club will receive $20,500; the Rossland Figure Skating Club will get $10,000, and the Red  Mountain Racers will have a grant of $21,500. 

The Trial Gymnastics Society is set to benefit from a grant of $22,500, while the Trail Youth Baseball group will have $5,000.  Greater Trail Minor Hockey will be enriched by a grant of $64,500, and the Greater Trail Swim Racing Society will receive $11,400.

The Castlegar Hockey /Society will receive a stimulus of $15,000, while the Castlegar Aquanautics Swim Club will get $14,000, and The Selkirk Challengers Gymnastics Club will have its funding augmented by $16,200. The Castlegar Skating Club will have a grant of $20,000, and the Castlegar and District Minor Hockey Association will receive $35,000. 

The West Kootenay Minor Lacrosse Association will get a grant of $8,500.

The total amount granted to arts and culture organizations throughout the province is $20,220,415.  To see the full list, click this link

The total amount allocated for sports organizations in BC is $27,909,443.  To check out the full list, click here.