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LETTER: Adopt a local senior this Christmas

Dear Editor

The Adopt A Senior Program that I run is for Trail.

I have three homes in total as of right now, but I am looking for other individuals who would be willing to take on other senior homes as well.

What we do is provide gifts to seniors in care. Most do not have families around, some have no family at all. The holidays are always the hardest and getting a little something from someone is always uplifting.

In the past, places such as Teck made donations and it was wonderful, however I need help to get the word out there. I have a group on Facebook called Adopt A Senior with Jen.

People who are interested in donating are asked to join the Facebook group or email me at

I, Jennifer, have taken over from last years coordinator Melissa. I take the donations and sanitize them and get them to the senior.

It is all done anonymously due to privacy needs. I put up a list on the Facebook page detailing what it is, like we just did Halloween, and it was max of $5 each person. I have 55 seniors this go round. I assign them a number and what they like or what they are into and post that then choose their senior that way.

They deliver to my home in a drop box and I get them to the resident. I usually message the donour back to tell them of the senior's reaction.

It is the most heartwarming thing ever. My wish is to grow this group I am only at 150 people and Melissa had close to a thousand. Christmas at my facility will be close to about 80 seniors, usually the limit is $50 and much more detailed.


Jennifer Ferreira Williams

Trail, BC