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LETTER: Red speaks to early season conditions

Dear editor,

All the fresh, new snow has certainly got everyone in the community excited about going skiing or riding this season. And that’s a good thing. We like to see people playing in the snow! As a seasonal reminder, please take great care if you plan on touring or hiking either Red or Granite Mountains prior to our official opening day.

There are many early season hazards out there including rocks and stumps and no avalanche control will take place until just prior to opening. As well, our maintenance, grooming and other staff members will be on mountain running snowmobiles, groomers and the winch-cat getting the mountain ready for the season. You should be prepared to see them at anytime during daylight hours. Always ski or ride with a buddy, and remember, you are responsible for self-rescue in the event of an accident.

While touring and hiking are allowed, no private motorized vehicles are allowed within the Ski Area Boundary. Please do no attempt to gain access to the mountain by snowmobile, ATV or truck. Doing so endangers our staff and hinders our efforts to get the mountain open. Signs have been posted at all entrances to Red and Granite Mountains, and anyone caught in the Ski Area Boundary on snowmobile or ATV will either be warned or charged with trespass. Skiing privileges for the season could also be revoked.

This is shaping up to be a great ski-season with El Nino pounding us all winter long. Take care with early season conditions. Don’t miss out by ending your season before it starts.


Jim Greene
Red Mountain