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LETTERS: Protest slated for event promoting homophobia/misogyny

This weekend, Pass Creek is having an event called the Mighty Men's March, Hosted by an evangelist named Angus Buchan. Here is a link to the event:
This evangelest is incredibly controversial, and has been subjected to heavy criticism for his homophobic and misogynistic teachings. Scotland will no longer allow him to preach after a sermon where he called "homosexuality" a "disease" that can be cured through prayer. Here is an article that discusses further:

Many people in our communities do not feel that this is a message that is appropriate in any capacity. As such, we have decided to stage a protest against the "Mighty Mens March" on June 30 at 9:15 am, at the Pass Creek Fair Ground.
We feel that this is an important issue that affects many people in our community. Tomorrow we are not only protesting the anti-LGBTQ sentiments of Mr. Buchan, but his messages of mysogony and abusiveness, and his history of attacking human rights under the guise of religion.
We are shocked that an event like this has received the green light from our city and the responsible officials. This is not a message that we will tolerate in our community, and we are choosing to show our disdain through protest.
Hope to see you there.
Thank you,

Ty Wright.

Castlegar, BC