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Nelsonites stage peaceful anti-racism rally outside City Hall

Nelsonites searching for change staged a peaceful protest against violence following the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd. — The Nelson Daily photos

Monday afternoon outside City Hall, Nelsonites joined the millions of people around the world protesting against anti-black racism following the gruesome death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded for air as a white Minneapolis officer pressed his knee into his neck.

An estimated 200 people turned out to voice their concerns in a peaceful manner while Nelson Police officer watched.

In an open mic forum, people, some wearing masks while most were doing their best to social distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen 2,597 registered cases in BC, took turns from where they were sitting or standing to individually register their message against anti-black racism south of the border.

The protest was in stark contrast to the what is happening south of the 49th parallel where police and protesters have been clashing for days across America.

Curfews have been announced in several major cities in the U.S., including New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Sunday night in Spokane, Wash., a peaceful protest that saw thousands gather during the afternoon turned ugly during the evening as tear gas, rubber bullets and flash-bangs filled the downtown of the Lilac City after a small group of looters and vandals targeted police, prompting city officials to issue its own curfew.

Sunday everning, an estimated 3,500 people turned out for a protest outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Most people did their best to social distance during Monday's peaceful protest outside Nelson City Hall.

The crowd listen to speakers as they spoke out against police violence and an end to systemic racism.

Someone created their own "Black Lives Matters" sign on the cement sidewalk outside Nelson City Hall.