City riverwall restoration project well under way

Trail Champion
By Trail Champion
April 3rd, 2013

The City of Trail’s 2012 capital project restoring the riverwall has been well under way along the shoreline of the esplanade for the last few weeks. The overall vision of this project, building a strong relationship between the Columbia River and the Trail’s downtown area by revitalizing the riverwall and shoreline area, stems from the original concept which is outlined in the Guiding Principles in the City’s Official Community Plan.

At the beginning of March, several cottonwood trees were removed below the Esplanade walkway near Jubilee Park. Crews then brought in several truckloads of rocks and placed them along the shoreline to stabilize the foundation of the riverwall while also improving pedestrian access. Additional trees will be planted in alternative locations to compensate for those removed as part of this project.

“The tree removal really opened the views across the river and uncovered the riverwall while bringing in much more natural light,” said John Howes, the City of Trail’s engineering technician. “Our eventual goal with this project is to create a stronger connection to the Columbia. We can fully appreciate the beauty of the river; imagine riverfront businesses, cafes, riverfront trails, and rest areas to truly enjoy this amazing area. The support of the project by local businesses and residents has been tremendous.”

Trail’s riverwall system, originally constructed in the 1930s during the Great Depression and then enhanced in during the 1960s, has been hidden from the community by minor damage, uncontrolled growth and numerous pieces of waste material. Historically, this has created an aesthetically unappealing shoreline. With the continuation of the riverwall Rrstoration, this enhanced area will create great potential for business growth, residential development, downtown opportunities and community enjoyment.

The next phase of the riverwall restoration is to clean and repair the surface of the wall. This work is expected to be complete by the 50th anniversary of Silver City days, May 7 -12.

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