City partners to help train Trail workers while completing city projects

City of Trail
By City of Trail
May 30th, 2013

The City of Trail and Ashland Training Centre (ATC) are working together to help bring community-based work experience to local individuals who are currently seeking long-term job search help, supported work experience and follow-up support service. ATC approached the City in hopes they could partner together to offer these individuals some job experience that aligns with the Job Options BC WORC (Work Opportunities Referrals and Connections) Program.

The City offered ATC two community projects providing safe work sites, materials and supplies, and a skilled person to instruct and mentor the workers. The first project involves removing debris, old shrubbery and large branches on the hill that runs directly from the hospital into East Trail. The second project includes cutting back the overgrown vegetation on the 50 covered staircases throughout Trail.

“We saw partnering with Ashland as a huge opportunity for all parties involved,” says Larry Abenante, City of Trail Public Works manager. “The City can source out projects that need to be completed, whereas the workers get the chance to learn new skills to prepare them for future jobs. Who knows, we may even see some of them working for the City one day.”

ATC also saw the partnership as an excellent gateway to hands-on work experience for the program participants.

“The gained experience from the City of Trail will take them a long way,” says Kathleen Jackson, job coach for Ashland Training Centre. ”It’s important we develop these partnerships with the city and other local organizations; they are the work-force we are training these people for.”

The on-site job experience is just one portion of the program. ATC also provides the participants with group activities, training and follow-up support. The program is 10 weeks in length and brings in 12 people per intake. Seven are assigned to the projects while five are provided other training exercises. The group working with the City has already started the project on the East Trail hill, and will then work through the vegetation on the City’s staircases.

For more information on Ashland Training Centre or the Job Options WORC (Work Opportunities Referrals and Connections) Program, please contact Kathleen Jackson at 250-365-0966.


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