Selkirk College & Kootenay Climbing Association Collaborate to Build Climbing Facility in Tenth Street Campus

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July 18th, 2013

This week Selkirk College has officially agreed to  lease part of the Gymnasium at Tenth Street Campus (Mary Hall), to the Kootenay Climbing Association, to operate a climbing facility. The non-profit venture is projected to open this coming winter.

This project is part of Selkirk’s strategic direction to expand their impact on community development, through our support of community economic development and social innovation. 

“This not only helps support an important community association, it is another great addition to the  current recreational activities offered to our community out of the Mary Hall Gymnasium. We look forward to having the facilities available as soon as possible,” says Angus Graeme, Selkirk College President and CEO.

Support From All Levels Of Community

The association has received support from all levels of the community, including a donation from Nathan Croston and his South Nelson Grade 3 Class, who raised $230 dollars at his birthday party.

A number of grants have also been received from the Osprey foundation and the Columbia Basin Trust distributed through Community Initiatives & Affected Areas from the City of Nelson, and areas E, F and H.

The Kootenay Climbing Association will be kicking off their latest fundraising drive, this Saturday July 20th at Valhalla Pure, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to take donations and sign up members.  The Association’s goal is to raise $120,000. Individuals who donate or invest over $500 will receive a discount at the new facility. The $25 memberships will also be on sale.

About Kootenay Climbing Association

The Kootenay Climbing Association is a non-profit society that is mandated to promote climbing by establishing and operating an indoor climbing facility for children, youth and adults servicing the West Kootenays. Their Guiding Principles are focused on the responsible and safe operation of the facility in an ethical, cost effective and community focused manner employing professionally certified ACMG indoor instructors.

Learn more about the Kootenay Climbing Association or visit the KCA Facebook page. 

Learn more about Selkirk College Campus Recreation or visit the Selkirk College Facebook page.

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