City councillor plans upgrades after Kootenay Energy Diet assessment

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
October 7th, 2013

Grand Forks city councillor Gary Smith is hoping for high energy savings after taking part in the Kootenay Energy Diet earlier this summer.

A certified energy auditor came to his home in July to check for leaks and find out where he was losing the most energy. Smith said the process was quick and interesting.

After the evaluation, he was sent a report that told him what he needed to upgrade in order to see energy savings.

“It indicated that my biggest energy loss is around the sill plates,” he said, noting that this plates are around the perimeter of the home around the foundation. “That’s an easy fix, I just need to get someone to blow in insulation.”

He also needs to upgrade his windows to become more energy efficient.

“I’ve already gotten an estimate for that,” he said, adding he hopes he can find someone local to add the extra insulation.

The energy assessment cost him $30 and he feels he definitely got his money’s worth.

“Even just identifying the problems was worth it,” he said.

For the fee, participants also get extras like a low-flow showerhead and three compact fluorescent lightbulbs. 

Anyone interested in booking an assessment should contact Shelley Hastie at 250-368-1918 before Oct. 11. 

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