Canada’s network of young and aspiring ecological farmers comes to the Kootenays!

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March 4th, 2014

The Young Agrarians will be hosting their first Kootenay-wide gathering for young farmers in Crawford Bay on March 15-16.

The event will bring together 40-60 farmers, food producers, and homesteaders… plus all the region’s major food and farming initiatives!  Farmers will share their stories, take part in workshops, demo tools, dance.

Young Farmer Mixer and Sleepover will involve and entire weekend of learning, networking, and fun that will kick-start the growing season. 



All young-ish farmers, food producers, homesteaders, and farm-curious folks from the East, West, and Central Kootenays are invited


Spring Mixer and Sleepover – a weekend of workshops, speakers, hands-on learning, networking, farm story telling, problem solving, and dancing!


Young farmers often end up working away in isolation.  This is a chance to make connections to people, resources, market opportunities, funding programs, and more!


Crawford Bay School


March 15-16

Workshops include:

pathways into farming, working with retailers and restaurants, selling surplus and value-adding on the homestead, season extension, permaculture profits, co-marketing

Partners include:

All Season’s Café, Columbia Basin Trust, Earth Temple Gardens, Full Cycle Food Program, Kootenay Boundary Grizzly Bear Electric Fencing Project, Kootenay Co-op, Kootenay Local Agriculture Society, Moon Gravity Farm, Queen Bee Project, Stellar Seeds, Yasodhara Ashram


More Mixer info available on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/690558030967255/?fref=ts

Young Agrarians… YA connects, supports, and celebrates the movers and shakers of the new agrarian movement.

What is YA?    YA is a BC-based network that is growing the next generation of Canadian farmers.  YA harnesses the power of the media and the internet and brings people together in real-time.  We connect thousands of young farmers, food producers, food and agriculture advocates, and friends.

YA comes to the Kootenays!    Thanks to funding from Columbia Basin Trust, two beginner farmers from the Creston Valley have started on as Coordinators for the Kootenays.  They will work to connect Kootenay young agrarians with each other, and with resources, opportunities, groups, and projects that can support them.  They will use YA’s social media outlets to showcase Kootenay farming and food production.




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