Council candidate Sandy Santori, in his own words

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November 14th, 2014

The first question I should answer. Why did I choose to run for Council?

When I made my intentions public, several people asked, “ARE YOU NUTS”?

Yes I am. Nuts for the community where I was born and raised and where I chose to raise my family.

The citizens of Trail are a very proud people and they have every right to be proud.

I want that pride to continue and grow, especially among our youth. This is why I chose to run for Council.

The next four years will be faced with challenges as well as opportunities. Many of which could have long lasting impacts on our City.

 While I would like to address each of these, it’s not possible within the time allotted, so I want share with you what I feel is critical in overcoming our challenges and taking advantage of our opportunities.

  • ·         Firstly, and most critical. Rebuild our relationships and partnerships with  our neighbouring communities and that Trail take the lead in this initiative  immediately. We all need each other to grow and prosper. We need to be partners, not competitors. Failure to rebuild these relationships will seriously impede our ability to overcome our challenges and take advantage of our opportunities. What’s happened with recreation is destroying the social fabric of our communities and our region as a whole, the very thing that has made us so strong in the past.
  • ·        Maintain competitive tax rates with other jurisdictions, a critical component in our quest to retain and attract new residents and businesses to our City.
  • ·        When it comes to new projects we must be practical in terms of the scope of the projects we undertake as well as the timeframe in which we canaccomplish them. They must be strategic and sustainable.
  • ·        Finally we need to engage the citizens of Trail in creating a clear vision for our future and to assist Council with establishing priorities. We need you to be a part of it.

On November 15th. I am asking you to make me a part of it. Thank you.

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