Spellbinding storytelling on tap for Trail

By Contributor
November 11th, 2015

Calling all storytellers and Vinyl Café fans– Trail’s version of New York City’s ’The Moth’ returns to The Griff at The Bailey Theatre Friday November 20th at 7:30pm.

‘Little Moths’ is based on ‘The Moth’ in New York City where people gather (standing room only) to hear raconteurs and novice storytellers tell true stories of human experience. Throughout the long, dark hours of fall and winter, expect to meet local writers, natural born storytellers and ordinary people with extraordinary experiences to share. The rules are simple – stories must be true and short. This month’s theme is play.

Why is it called ‘The Moth’ you might ask? Founder George Dawes Green wanted to recreate, in New York, the feeling of sultry summer evenings in his native Georgia, where he and his friends would gather on his friend’s porch to share spellbinding tales. There was a hole in the screen which let in moths that were attracted to the light, and the group started calling themselves ‘The Moths.’

Hosted by Almeda Glenn Miller, Little Moths from across the valley and surrounding mountains will make their snowy (more Fall-like really) pilgrimage to the warmth and intimacy of the Muriel Griffiths room at the Charles Bailey Theatre. Be prepared to be frightened, enlightened, and delighted with authentic stories from our region. Tickets are $10 and space is limited.

Tickets available in person or by phone at the Charles Bailey Theatre Box Mon-Fri 12-4. Phone 250.368-9669 / 1501 Cedar Avenue Trail. Please visit www.trail-arts.com for more info

Sign up to tell a story at charlesbaileytheatre@trail-arts.com or phone 250-231-7943