Home invasion/attempted arson has Trail family locking doors

Trail Champion
By Trail Champion
August 23rd, 2017

What appears to be a bizarre home invasion/attempted arson early Tuesday morning has a local Trail woman completely rattled, and warning her fellow residents to lock their doors.

Angela Lamoureux, mother of three, said her children had gone to their father’s home, and she and her husband had indulged in several drinks before bedtime.

“We went to bed, and I got up this morning at 7 a.m. because the dogs were barking – that’s not unusual, they bark when they see someone outside.”

She said the first thing she noticed upon waking was an unusual odour.

“It smelled like barbecue,” she said.

“Someone grabbed a (jerry) can of diesel fuel that was over by the fence,” she said, explaining that she often leaves the back door unlocked because they let the dogs in and out all the time. “(The culprit) poured the fuel all over the kitchen floor and tried to ignite it.”

She said the fuel was very old and the floor was laminate, so the fire didn’t take.

She added that nothing was missing – their late night/early morning intruder didn’t steal anything.

Lamoureax immediately called police.

She said she’s baffled as to why someone would do this.

“I’m a nurse at the hospital, and my husband is a lab tech,” she said. “We’re the people who help other people. We don’t live a high-risk life-style – I’m a mother of three kids, one of whom has a disability.”

She said she’ll think twice about leaving a door unlocked from here on out.

“I’ve lived in the Gulch for 11 years and never had a problem before now.”

Trail RCMP Acting Sgt. Devon Reid said police are trying to determine if any of the recent fires are connected.

“We have brought in all the resources we have available,” he said. “We are investigating, and we do have leads to follow up.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Trail RCMP detachment at 250-364-2566.

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