Trail cadet earns 'most improved' at Albert Head

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July 31st, 2018

Becoming a pilot is more than just learning how to fly. It also takes hard work in learning and understanding how the aircraft works and the operations of flight. Cadet Timothy Johnson from 531 City of Trail Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Trail had the opportunity to pursue the basics of this unique knowledge this summer as he was been selected for the Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace Course at Albert Head Cadet Training Centre. He demonstrated such a marked improvement that he was presented with the award for Most Improved Cadet for Flight 8.

This three-week the Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace Course provides cadets an opportunity to develop the fundamentals of aerospace, airport operations, and aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. Cadets will participate in activities like aerospace, aerodrome operations, and aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. 

There are approximately 52 cadets who completed the Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace Course at Albert Head just like Johnson and he hoping to attend the Glider Pilot Scholarship course in future summers.

“I really enjoyed all the opportunities which I have had at Albert Head this summer. The hands-on projects were definitely a highlight and I particularly enjoyed getting to build and launch a rocket” said Johnson.

Albert Head Cadet Training Centre (CTC) strives to offer programs to youth aged 12 to 18 that are challenging and will help them acquire new learning experiences. Albert Head strives to foster and encourage team spirit, mutual assistance, comradeship and physical fitness in a safe and fulfilling climate. Each summer, approximately 900 course cadets and 70 staff cadets attend Albert Head CTC where a broad array of training is offered specializing in basic aviation technology and aerospace, music, survival, as well as fitness and sports instructor courses.

The cadet program is open to all youth between the ages of 12-18 years old with a focus on leadership, citizenship and healthy living. If you are ready for the challenge, visit www.cadets.ca and click on “Find Us” and visit our Facebook page to see their adventures! www.facebook.com/BCCadets


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