Canadian Cancer Society urgently seeking volunteer drivers to help cancer patients in Trail

April 7th, 2024

Dear Editor,

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is calling on residents of Trail, BC to help community members facing a cancer diagnosis by becoming a volunteer driver with our Wheels of Hope transportation program. Volunteer drivers not only provide a means for clients to get to and from cancer-related appointments, they also offer a safe and supportive ride along the way.

Earlier this year, CCS partnered with the Angus Reid Group to conduct a survey, which found that two thirds (66%) of people in BC said that additional monthly out-of-pocket costs related to cancer care would make it difficult for them to manage financial necessities like mortgage or rent payments. Furthermore 30% said they would have to go into debt to pay out-of-pocket costs. These costs often include transportation, expenses that can add up quickly when travelling back and forth during treatment.

Statistics like these are why CCS works hard to help people access the care they need without financial hardship through programs like Wheels of Hope. By becoming a volunteer driver, you will be joining a community of change makers dedicated to making a difference for people impacted by cancer. Our volunteer drivers travel a combined total of over 4.2 million kilometers each year.

If you have extra time during your week and would like to join the program, we want to hear from you!

Apply now on www.volunteercancer.ca to help cancer patients in your community today.

If you’re a cancer patient or caregiver looking for support call 1-888-939-3333.

Dr. Sandra Krueckl

Executive Vice President, Mission, Information and Support Services at the Canadian Cancer Society

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