Outdoor Recreation Council of BC Launches New Grant Program to Support Outdoor Initiatives Across the Province

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April 1st, 2024

There’s a significant milestone for outdoor enthusiasts across British Columbia as the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC (ORCBC) unveils the launch of the Outdoor Recreation Fund of BC grant program.

This initiative is designed to empower communities and volunteer organizations in their efforts to enhance outdoor recreation opportunities and stewardship across the province.

As a leading advocate for outdoor recreation, ORCBC recognizes the critical role of outdoor recreation groups in enabling outdoor recreation activities and enhancing the health, well-being, and quality of life of British Columbians.

By establishing the Outdoor Recreation Fund of BC grant program, the council aims to provide financial support to community-based initiatives that promote outdoor recreation and safeguard the environment.

The grant program will focus on funding projects that align with three core objectives:

  • Outdoor access and infrastructure: Supporting the maintenance and enhancement of outdoor recreation infrastructure such as trails, climbing crags, boat launches and signage

  • Stewardship and education: Promoting responsible outdoor use through educational and stewardship initiatives that foster community engagement while minimizing environmental, cultural and safety impacts

  • Inclusive participation: Cultivating accessible, inclusive and diverse outdoor recreation opportunities by encouraging participation in outdoor recreation for under-represented groups

The grants will vary in size and scope, and funding will be available for charities and non-profits, local governments and Indigenous governments.

“We are thrilled to launch the Outdoor Recreation Fund of BC grant program and provide vital support to organizations and initiatives that share our passion for outdoor recreation and the protection of natural spaces,” said Louise Pedersen, Executive Director of the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC.

“By investing in access, inclusivity, education and stewardship, we aim to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of British Columbia.”

Wayne Mercer, Chair of the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, echoed Pedersen’s sentiments, emphasizing the program’s significance in advancing outdoor recreation throughout the province.

“The launch of the Outdoor Recreation Fund of BC grant program enhances our ongoing commitment to bolstering and advocating for outdoor recreation in British Columbia and supporting the volunteerism that develops and maintains so much of our recreation infrastructure. Through this grant initiative, we aspire to empower communities and organizations to create lasting positive impacts on our natural environment and the well-being of people in BC.”

The creation of the grant program was made possible through a one-time $10 million grant from the Province of BC in May 2023.

This grant established an endowment fund—the Outdoor Recreation Fund of BC—the income from which will serve as a perpetual funding source for the grant program.

The Outdoor Recreation Fund of BC grant program is now open for applications. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the ORCBC website at https://www.orcbc.ca/grants-for-outdoor-recreation for more information on eligibility criteria, application guidelines, and deadlines.

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