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The New Kootenay Mushroom Festival Has Sprung Up!

Photo from Mr. Mercy's Mushrooms, who will be presenting at the event.
The inaugural edition of the Kootenay Mushroom Festival will take place in beautiful Kaslo, British Columbia, on October 8, 2022. This fun and informative event celebrates all things fungal and includes mushroom walks guided by local experts, mushroom-themed workshops, and a mushroom-inspired dinner. Registration is available on by searching for “Kootenay Mushroom Festival”.
The full-day Kootenay Mushroom Festival is perfect for families, serious mycophiles, and newcomers alike! The morning kicks off with walks in the woods guided by a select group of local experts. In the afternoon, participants can choose from a variety of workshop sessions ranging in topics from mushroom medicine, to needle felting, to growing your own mushrooms.
In the evening, participants are invited to attend an optional mushroom-infused dinner specially prepared for the occasion by chef Kim Sellwood at Bluebelle Bistro. Participants will be able to attend two of the following afternoon workshops.
Medicinal Mushrooms of the West Kootenays - Patrick Kooyman
Learn about polypore mushrooms, and their many medicinal actions in the body. See examples of medicinal polypores that grow in the West Kootenay, with discussion of their identification features, harvest practices and methods of use.
The Fungal Way of Life - Robert Macrae
This talk is an overview of fungi, their diversity, and ecology. Rob will examine the natural ecological roles of fungi and touch on the cultural significance of fungi as food and medicine over time and around the globe.
Let’s Felt Some Mushrooms! - Jen Cookson
We will learn the technique of needle felting and “sculpt” our favorite mushrooms from wool. This is a fun beginner workshop for all ages (we will be using a sharp needle, so children under ten will need an adult with them).
Advanced Mushroom Identification - Tyson Ehlers
Join biologist Tyson Ehlers for an in-depth discussion of the morning’s foray finds. Participants will learn about helpful resources and how to access them, and will be treated to a microscopy demonstration.
Introduction to Mushroom Cultivation - Robin Mercy
Take a tour of Mr. Mercy’s Mushrooms, and join owner Robin Mercy for a discussion of basic cultivation techniques and strategies for growing mushrooms at home!
Afternoon Foray - Trish and Cori Meeker
Join mother-daughter team Trish and Cori for an afternoon return to the woods, where they will build upon the skills developed in the morning session. In-depth identification and ecology of fungi in the field!
The Kootenay Mushroom Festival Organizing Committee looks forward to celebrating Kootenay
mushroom culture with you this Thanksgiving weekend.