LETTER: Kamloops Sun Devils to replace U.S. Military Allstars at GFI

Gerry Foster
By Gerry Foster
August 10th, 2012

The Grand Forks International (GFI) baseball tournament received word on Aug. 2 that the U.S. Military All-Stars will be unable to attend the 2012 Grand Forks International.

Terry Allvord, general manager of the team, said in their announcement, “It is with our deepest regret that we must request to reschedule your event if it falls during the time period 23 August – 15 September, due to global events, player availability and circumstances beyond our control.”

This not only affects the GFI but other teams, events and communities who were also scheduled to host the team.

The memo went on to say, “We understand your frustration. We are as upset and frustrated as you are over the situation. We have never had to cancel an event (in 23 years).”

From the perspective of the GFI organizers this is indeed unfortunate and very difficult news to receive with less than a month before the tournament begins. However, in the 32 year history of this event, most would be aware, that this is not the first time a team has cancelled in the final weeks leading up to the tourney.

We were able to secure a replacement within hours of receiving the above information. The Kamloops Sun Devils will replace the U.S. Military All-Stars in the 12 team lineup and in the schedule. As it turns out Kamloops has had a very good summer season, their best in years.

I truly believe that our community and volunteers will respond to this situation in a supportive and   positive way. As we move beyond the initial disappointment of this setback, we need to remind ourselves that we have some excellent teams, four of which are participating in the GFI for the first time, their rosters filled with talented athletes.

Not only that, the fun-filled atmosphere at beautiful James Donaldson Park will be the same as always. Six days of renewing friendships, soaking up the special ambience and ending the summer with a Homerun!

Gerry Foster

GFI Coordinator

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