Greenwood gets the jump on economic development

Kate Lee
By Kate Lee
November 14th, 2013

UPDATE: The next meeting date is set for Wednesday November 27th 6:30 at city hall. 

Greenwood Mayor Nipper Kettle feels excited about the positive energy that was generated after last Thursday’s meeting talking possibilities for Greenwood’s future economic growth.

The Greenwood Economic Development Committee (GEDC) meeting was held at Greenwood’s historic McAuthur Centre on Nov. 7 and attracted 23 attendees including members from the Board of Trade, Community Futures, Boundary Chamber, Greenwood City Council as well as local businesses.

It was the third meeting in the last three months. The main purpose was to brainstorm and create strategies for Greenwood’s economic future that would help local business and therefore the whole community to prosper and thrive.

Kettle would like to see the economic committee become a good advisory group for council that operates for the city’s best interests.  

The group identified the need for Greenwood to create an inviting experience that would entice tourists passing through to stop and walk around. They felt that using the existing assets was the best approach. 

Participants envisioned that this could be achieved by cleaning up the main street and adding better signage to the heritage buildings to inform people of their rich history.

Another idea was to install a hand operated water pump that would encourage people passing through to stop and experience the water for themselves as well as accentuating key sections of Greenwood by adding a few old mining and ore carts.

Kettle also commended the team on their collaboration skills noting that the GEDC meetings were the first time the different groups had come together for a common cause. He highlighted they did not have one driving force behind the operation and that the meeting was set up so issues could be heard from all parties.

The collaboration made evident how important the support of the citizens of the community was going to be, that one group let alone one person, could not accomplish this feat alone.

“This is fundamental to our survival and we all have to be part of the community spirit and pride if we intend to clean up and make our little gem sparkle like it can and should.”

Wendy McCollough the general manager of Community Futures Boundary has attended two meetings. She noticed the united front and notes plans are in the early stages of development.

“I think everyone, BOT, CF, BCRCC, Greenwood City Council and local businesses cooperate because essentially everyone wants the same thing to increase business in our Boundary communities,” McCullough goes on to say. “However, we are entering into the winter months so this could slow things down in terms of getting things underway.”

With the next meetings date still to be confirmed for some time around Christmas, Kettle hopes to get started on these ideas as soon as possible but is also realistic with his expectations.

“It won’t be easy but I think we can do it.”

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