LETTER: Over-the-top random act of kindness renews reader's faith in people

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November 8th, 2013

My name is Jennifer Williams and I live in Trail, B.C., Canada, and on our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (Oct. 12-14) I decided that I would take my kids (10 and 7) to do some grocery shopping and visit the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze I have heard so much about in Colville and not to mention visit my father, who lives there as well.

On our way down, I stopped in Northport as I normally do to fill up with gas, however, this time would be one time I will never, ever forget. As I was pumping gas, I got distracted and placed my wallet on the hood of my van.

When I was done getting gas I jumped in the van and drove off to Colville. When I got to my first stop, I reached for my wallet and realized it was not there. That’s when panic set in and I realized that I had driven off with it on the hood of my van. I called my friend and her mother, who were on their way down to Colville as well, and told them what happened, and they started the search.

I drove back towards Northport and asked at several places if they had seen it (no one had). I called the Sheriff’s office, border patrol, and everywhere I could think of… My father drove from Colville and my husband from Canada to help search the ditches.

A great wonderful man by the name of Tony heard my sob story when I was in the gas station and he spent many hours helping us to search. The Sheriff drove out from Colville and helped us out as well.

After hours, we gave up the search thinking that, well, it’s gone. There was so much in there, and we figured someone found it, took the almost $300 I had in my wallet and tossed it.

By this point all I wanted were my things, my cards, ID and pictures. We came home and I began the task of cancelling things like my credit cards and bank cards. Later on that evening, I sent my son to take the garbage out and when he did this voice said, “Hi” to him  … next thing I know, he says, “Mom, there’s a lady here asking for you.”

I ran out in my PJs looking like I’d been hit by bus from hours of crying.

This little, tiny, older lady says, “Hi, did you lose something today?”

I said, “Yes, my wallet,” and she then said, “Well, follow me, I have something for you.”

I just about died. I followed her to her car and she handed me my wallet with EVERYTHING still inside…I am not one for being short on words but let me tell you…I hugged her and cried like a fool….This lovely, sweet lady named Janice and her adoralbe mother Shirley had found my wallet in Northport by the high school on the hwy on their way to church. They had been trying to find me but had no such luck.

What they did next amazed me and made me see how powerful faith can be. They drove form their homes out near Colville to my house here in Trail, B.C., Canada to make sure that I got my wallet. They did not feel comfortable leaving it anywhere but in my hands.

You don’t hear stories like this anymore. I hope that you feel inspired by this story and that you print this so that others see how important it is to keep faith and to trust in the human race.

Thanks so much!

Jennifer Ferreira Williams

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