2013 YEAR IN REVIEW: Castlegar's Top 10 stories based on number of reads

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
December 31st, 2013

Here they are – the top 10 stories in the Castlegar Source for 2013 (to read the editor’s column on the subject, click here). The top 10 are determined solely by Google Analytics, based on how many times they were read.

It’s worth noting, however, that many issues are covered by a series of stories, and Analytics can only track how many hits each individual story received (for example, the arson fire destroying the local Catholic church in March was covered in a series of stories, each of them garnering thousands of views, which, if taken together, would very likely have seen the issue make the top 10 list).

The point being, simple statistics don’t tell the story of an entire community, and if an issue doesn’t make the top 10, that may not be a reflection of its comparative importance to Castlegar.

1. The most-read story on the Castlegar Source for 2013 showed the community rallying as crews searched for 25-year-old Lyle Lamont, who went missing on July 14. (To read the story, click here).

2. Coming in at number two was a so-called “editorial rant”, in which The Source’s editor defended a local police officer’s efforts to engage local trail-bike enthusiasts (click here for the entire text). As stated by editor Kyra Hoggan, “This one was fun to write.”

3. Our third most-read story was the crushing end to two weeks of hope and horror for Castlegar, when the BC Coroners Service confirmed that the young man’s body had been located in the U.S. (click here for the full story).

4. In fourth place are details regarding the RDCK declaring a state of emergency after 35,000 litres of jet fuel were spilled into Lemon Creek (a tributary of the Columbia River) when a tanker truck overturned on July 26. (see story here). There were literally dozens more stories as events unfolded – so see all the coverage, enter the words “fuel spill” or “Lemon Creek” into The Source’s search bar and click on the headlines that come up. This was unequivocally determined to be the worst toxic fuel spill in the region’s history.

5. The fifth most popular story of the year was perhaps also the most fun – where police were called in to deal with a dinosaur blocking traffic on the Kinnaird Bridge. (No, seriously, see for yourself by clicking here). This story was a rare example of events which allow legitimate news and whimsically fun coverage to come together in a single article.

6. The sixth most-read article detailed another frightening story of a local man gone missing – but this one ended happily, with the 22-year-old man being found, safe and sound. (Click here for more).

7. Story Number Seven didn’t even happen in Castlegar – but residents closely followed events after the entire Winlaw Fire Department (19 volunteers, in all) resigned in response to their chief being suspended (see here). Chief Jon Wollenberg was eventually reinstated – again, to see the several stories outlining events as they unfolded, enter keywords “Winlaw chief” into The Source‘s search bar and click on the headlines that arise. The entire saga is arguably evidence of the power of individuals who band together to protest a perceived injustice.

8. Number Eight wasn’t a news story – it was a poignant letter from the aunt of a young woman killed in a car accident, speaking to the danger of posting information about fatal accident victims on social media sites without knowing that family and friends have been notified. It not only speaks to the tragedy that befell this woman’s own family, but also to the growing need for individual responsibility as technology evolves. (Click here to read the letter).

9. It surprised editorial staff that a road advisory could make the top 10, but so it did, when YRB advised residents not take Kootenay Pass at all, due to adverse conditions (see story here).

10. It’s not surprising, however, that this story made the top 10 – it’s not often one sees broad-daylight armed robberies in Castlegar. (See story here). To the best of Source knowledge, the culprit remains at large.

From our family to yours, wishing you a prosperous and joyful 2014!


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