A movie to warm even the coolest heart this Christmas season

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
December 18th, 2013

Everyone knows of the movie A Christmas Carol .

Now we have Frank Georges and The Truth silent film from none other than Keith Picot.

For the past 20 years, Picot, the 2010 Toronto Maple Blues award winning bassist, has made Gulf Islands home.

But Picot, who has played local venues in Nelson, decided to branch out into film making of a very unique nature.

A century ago he would have just been one of the bunch, but today he is rather lonesome in the slapstick silent comedy genre he loves so much.

He has written, directed, photographed and acted in over forty short films, ranging from 48 seconds to 26 minutes in length. Photographed in black
and white, it is often difficult to tell Picot’s films apart from those of the 1920’s.

“Frank Georges and The Truth” is a Christmas film and Picot’s latest offering.

It’s been has released it on the web free of charge for anyone who wishes to watch it.

Picot decided to approach The Nelson Daily to help this 21-minute silent short warm the coolest of reader hearts this Christmas holiday season.

In this 21-minute silent short, Picot hopes to warm the coolest of hearts this holiday season.

So sit back and enjoy Frank Georges and The Truth.

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