Boundary Dog Sled Races day one

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By Boundary Sentinel
January 26th, 2014

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With beautiful weather, plenty of competitors and hundreds of spectators, the Boundary Dog Sled Classics can only be deemed a success. 

The Boundary Dog Sled races were a sprint-edition this year compared to the long-distance races held in previous years. This allowed spectators to watch almost the entire race, making it a big draw for locals looking for something to do last weekend.

Fifteen competitors came from as far as Oregon, Washington and Alberta to take part in the races and organizer Dr. Ruth Sims (also a local veterinarian) said they got a lot of positive feedback. 

“I’m already getting emails telling me they want to come back next year.” 

The dog sled track was originally forged around the lake, but when the weather warmed up, the track because too wet and slippery and they moved the entire course onto the lake. 

“I was out working on the track Friday night,” said Sims. She had over 30 volunteers that helped her rebuild the track on the lake, which proved to be exteremely popular. 

“Everyone jumped into action,” she said. 

They have only finished this year’s race, but are already thinking next year’s race will be on the lake due to the positive feedback. The traction on the lake was favourable but spectators also had great views and were able to enjoy the warm sun. 

Sims isn’t sure exactly how many people came out, but some of the volunteers estimated between 100 and 150 just on Sunday. She suspects it was a little less on Saturday since it was a bit cooler. 

The Boundary Dog Sled Classics gave away almost $10,000 worth of prizes awards going to: 

  • Cheryl Sheppard       $1750
  • Raijo Esterbrook        $1600
  • Hans Appelman         $1400
  • Dina Lund                     $1200
  • Brenda Birrell              $1000
  • Rob Fradette              $700
  • Linda Pierce                 $600
  • Tom Palmer                 $600
  • Nancy Harland            $350
  • Christine Bialkowski $250
  • Richard Hancock        $250
  • Terri Nash                    $100


Click here to see the full race results.

Previous story: 

Les Johnson with Grand Forks TV was at the Boundary Dog Sled Races for the first day of the two-day event. The dog sled races are sprint events this year to make them more spectator friendly and the entire track is on the frozen lake. 

Watch the video for more information. Check back for more pictures and race results. 

The first race starts at 10:30 today at Jewel Lake. 

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