Visits to Violin Lake are actually trespassing

City of Trail
By City of Trail
August 19th, 2014

The City of Trail would like to remind the community that the Violin Lake area is private property and is closed to the public for any use at all times. Scheduled logging activity, with the use of heavy machinery, is currently underway in this area. Therefore the city would like to emphasize the importance for all people to remain out of this restricted region. 

“We are very concerned about unauthorized recreational activity in this area,” says Public Works Manager, Larry Abenante. “We’ve encountered several intruders who have accessed the Violin Lake area in trucks, on ATVs or onmotorcycles. We’ve also come across campers who have pitched tents and built campfires, and we’ve cleaned up plenty of garbage and other debris that some of the campers have left behind.  In order to keep everyone safe and protect our surroundings from potential forest fires, it’s important that everyone obeys the several signs and closed gates indicating the area is private property and closed to the public.”

The city will continue to monitor Violin Lake on a regular basis. Trespassers will be asked to leave immediately and will be reported to the authorities.

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