Introducing Llora, the newest member of the Lone Sheep family!

Trail Champion
By Trail Champion
May 20th, 2015

The Castlegar Source and Trail Champion are delighted to introduce the newest member of our team, account executive extraordinaire Llora McTeer.

McTeer, 32, is a multi-talented, community-minded go-getter from Fruitvale with a strong background in sales, and she said she’s excited to dig in and become an integral part of the region’s fastest-growing media outlets via the Lone Sheep news family (The Castlegar Source, Trail Champion, Nelson Daily, Rossland Telegraph and Boundary Sentinel).

“I’ve always enjoyed keeping up with current events, and the Internet and social media have really upped the excitement level by making it all unfold in real time,” she said. “It’s now so fast-paced and evolving so dramatically, there will never be a lack of challenge and opportunity.”

Certainly one to embrace challenge, Llora is a commanding officer with the 131 Kootenay Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, is an assistant head coach at the Beaver Valley Skating Club and manages a retail outlet in Trail – and she says joining the Lone Sheep family of papers is a perfect convergence of her strengths and interests.

“It’s community-focussed, high-octane customer service,” she said. “I love helping people, and I’m excited about promoting local commerce and helping people find the best solutions for building their business.

“It’s especially important, I think, in a region like ours, where most people don’t just shop in the community they live in,” she added. “You need to get the word out about your products/services region-wide, to a variety of communities, and that can be challenging.”

She said she thinks promoting local business is critical to the well-being, not just of the business owners themselves, but of the region as a whole.

“It’s vital to our economy for people to shop local instead of heading Stateside or to larger urban centres like Vancouver or Calgary,” she said. “I’m jazzed about being a part of that, of strengthening local ties and building local commerce.”

McTeer first came to the region in 2005, moved away, but came back four years ago with her husband, two cats and her dog to settle down and start a family,

“I grew up in a military family and lived all over Canada,” she said. “I think that’s why I’m so committed to my community now, because I didn’t have that growing up. Now, I’m really loving being part of such a tight-knit region, and volunteering and working to build that sense of community for everyone.”

Kyra Hoggan, editor of both The Source and The Champion, said McTeer brings exactly the kind of energy and enthusiasm her publications embody.

“She’s articulate, intelligent, capable and creative – and she just never slows down, which is perfect, because neither do any of the rest of us at Lone Sheep,” Hoggan said. “I couldn’t be happier to have her on board, and I hope the community welcomes her with the same unbridled enthusiasm she herself offers.”

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