Trail's new bridge to be named 'Columbia River Skywalk'

City of Trail
By City of Trail
March 16th, 2016

Columbia River Skywalk is the name that has been selected for the Pipeline/Pedestrian Bridge that is currently being constructed and will span the Columbia River from Rotary Park (west) to McQuarrie Street (east) in Trail.

The name, submitted by Trail resident Glenn Schneider, was among the 80+ suggestions that were submitted to the City of Trail at the end of 2015. The list was chiseled down to the top seven by a regional committee using a scoring system and then sent back out to the public for an online vote. Columbia River Skywalk received the majority of the votes with Silver City Suspension Bridge coming in second and Columbia Crossing trailing in third spot.

“This is great news,” says Glenn Schneider. “The name represents the location on the river and a high walking platform suspended between two structures (pillars).”

The official name is another step working towards completion of the bridge. 

“Identifying the bridge with an official name is a fundamental contribution to this project,” says Kevin Jolly, Trail councillor and chair of the Bridge Committee. “As we progress with construction of the bridge that will soon service the entire region, it’s important that we understand its prominence and purpose it will have for our communities. We can now say that the Columbia River Skywalk will assist us in developing community and regional cohesiveness while enhancing the overall look and walkability of our city.”

The new name will be transitioned into the city’s current bridge communication pieces and an appropriate plaque or sign will be installed prior to the bridge’s opening at the end of 2016. Mr. Schneider will be invited to City Hall in the near future where he will be recognized for his contribution and awarded with a token of appreciation.

To see construction of the new bridge in real time, go to http://www.workzonecam.com/projects/cityoftrail/cityoftrail/pipeline-pedestrian-bridge

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