UBCM weighs in on controversial 'Smart Meters'

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September 23rd, 2011

Serious disagreement continues between the BC electric utility companies and thousands of private homeowners who refuse the forced installation of Wireless Smart Meters on their homes without consent. Customers want the Utilities to listen to their valid concerns before pressing ahead with this program.

Questions of conflict of interest arise with BC Hydro sponsoring the UBCM convention while embroiled in such strong disagreement with its customers, the very same people who are appealing to Mayor and Council for protection under the Public Health Act. As a sponsor of this event, BC Hydro is holding private and public meetings with UBCM delegates, who do not have the benefit of hearing advice at this same convention from independent scientific advisors representing the public good without competing interests, whether financial or

We recommend that UBCM delegates insist that they receive advice from a truly independent scientific expert panel and fully acknowledge this conflict of interest situation.

As Canadians, we believe everyone has the fundamental right and freedom to make independent choices to avoid perceived dangers in their own homes in order to protect their personal health and the health of their families.

Electro-sensitivity is recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Citizens for Safe Technology Society has submitted an application to the BC Human Rights Tribunal seeking accommodation for people who must avoid the radiation from wireless devices in order to maintain their health.

Further, BC Hydro has made no accommodation for people with implanted medical devices which may be sensitive to wireless signals, such as pacemakers and deep brain implants, or other health conditions where people wish to avoid more microwave radiofrequency radiation, due to the risks of seizures, epilepsy, heart conditions and cancer.

Questions need to be asked about the actions of BC Hydro which amount to intimidation in their attempts to force customers to forego these rights to health, privacy and the welfare of their families.

We support the upholding of our democratic rights and freedoms enshrined in the Canadian Charter by supporting the motion to be voted on by UBCM delegates for a province-wide moratorium on the installation of Smart Meters, calling for full review and oversight process, with public input and independent scientific testimony.

For more information, letters and no trespassing signs visit this website.

This article is a press release from the Union of BC Municipalities.

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