LETTER: Reader feels despair over logging in Lynch Creek

By Contributor
January 30th, 2014

Dear Editor

Reading ‘Logging in Lynch Creek North is underway‘  filled me with despair and anger. Dispair because Lynch Creek North is an important corridor for a threatened grizzly bear population and the road density in the area already far exceeds the level recommended by grizzly bear biologists. 

Five-hundred logging trucks will reportedly be thundering along the logging roads in Lynch Creek North which greatly increases the risk of grizzly bear mortality in spring when the logging resumes.

Upgraded forestry roads will increase access for poachers and may give rise to human-bear encounters, which generally end badly for the grizzly bears. 

Let’s face it, the Kettle-Granby grizzly bears, which only number about 86 at most, are unlikely to ever recover but the government clearly does not care. Is this the legacy we want to leave for our children and grand children? For them to grow up without experiencing the majesty of one of B.C.’s most iconic creatures?

I am angry that the government persists with its completely unsustainable logging practices and that government foresters are not speaking out in public about the real state of B.C.’s forests and how mismanaged they are. 

I hope more British Columbians wake up and demand a government that is accountable now. Our legacy to future generations should not be a  province laid to waste by greed and mismanagement, which is where we are heading.

Louise Taylor

Kaslo, BC


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