Selkirk faculty awarded for professional excellence

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September 28th, 2010

Selkirk College’s Standing Committee on Professional Excellence
(SCOPE) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2009/2010 awards
for its faculty.

The purpose of the SCOPE awards is to recognize and promote both
long-term and innovative professional excellence. Faculty and staff are
nominated for the awards by students and peers.

“These awards recognize the contributions of our faculty members to
the superior learning experience at Selkirk College,” says SCOPE
member and Chair of University Arts and Sciences Linda Harwood. “They
also give students an opportunity to voice their opinions and
acknowledge their educators — whether a librarian, faculty assistant,
or college professor — in terms of the positive impact they have made
on the student experience.”

Winners of the “Exceptional Performance in Innovation” awards this
year are Mary Ann Morris (Nursing) and Fiona Matthews (Business
Administration). Winners of the “Exceptional Performance” awards are
college professors Allison Lutz (Geography), Doug Henderson (Math),
Delia Roberts (Biology) and Faculty Assistant Stephen Seaborn

Mary Ann Morris has been recognized for her innovative work in
establishing and delivering the international nursing practice
experience in Guatemala. Community members and her students state she
has brought “intelligence, compassion, courage … and a vision of what
nurses are able to offer to help facilitate healing, health and
well-being in their communities and this world.”

Fiona Matthews has been acknowledged for the innovative Business
Competition she initiated and has been running successfully for the past
five years. This competition has now become the flagship event of the
Business Administration program at the college and provides an
exceptional learning opportunity for all involved.

Allison Lutz has been awarded a SCOPE award for her exemplary work as a
college professor of geography in the Schools of University Arts and
Sciences and Renewable Resources. Colleagues, supervisors, students and
community members alike speak of Allison’s inspirational passion for
her subject, her deep sense of vocation as a teacher/mentor, and her
humanity and humility in the classroom, field and community settings.

Doug Henderson, also a recipient of a SCOPE award for long-term
exceptional performance, is appreciated for his remarkable math and
physics talents and his ability to teach it all clearly. As a college
math and physics professor, Doug impresses his colleagues and students
with a combination of “The Right Stuff … patience, enthusiasm and
great ability” as well as a “kind, reasonable, and fair-minded
attitude” that fosters success in the classroom, even to those with an
admitted math-phobia.

Stephen Seaborn was presented with a SCOPE award for long-term
exceptional performance for his work as a Faculty Assistant in the
biology lab. In addition to organizing and preparing the biology labs,
Stephen has spearheaded the renovation of a second-year lab. He also
manages the yearly plant sale (raising funds for the Biology Scholarship
Fund), oversees equipment upgrades, and always goes out of his way to
help other departments when requested, all while completing his MSc and
serving on Selkirk’s Education Council and Curriculum Committee.

Delia Roberts, college professor of biology, was awarded a SCOPE award
for her stellar contributions to the college and to the larger research
community of biological sciences. With a PhD in Medical Science from the
University of Calgary, Delia’s research has been published in such
esteemed professional publications as Journal of the American Medical
Association, The Journal of Applied Physiology and The Journal of Sports
Sciences, to name only a few. In addition, her dedication to students’
learning and her community is shown in the extra time she spends with
students who have diverse learning needs and by being a Sport Science
Consultant for Castlegar Minor Hockey, the Rossland Sport Academy and
the Red Mountain Racers.

The Selkirk College SCOPE Awards Ceremony will take place in the Staff
Lounge at the Castlegar campus on Thursday, October 14, from 5:00-7:00
pm. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome!


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